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The science behind the purifying gel

François Canac, cosmetologist and co-founder of edulis, explains the science behind our purifying gel.

Everything started with the oyster. And more particularly the flesh of oysters and its milt.
We have found a way to extract the active ingredients and nutrients from the oyster while making this extract bio-compatible with the skin.

We obtained an international patent for the process of obtaining the oyster extract and the results on skin regeneration.

We formulated this extract with different ingredients to optimize it:
combined with desert date palm oil in the serum, it gives a smooth and radiant effect to the skin.
encapsulated by clay in creams (using a new formulation technology), the active ingredients are released throughout the day or night.

The story continues with the oyster shell and seaweed.

The seaweed is mainly harvested in Brittany, particularly around the island of Molène.
They are green, red and brown, depending on the specific pigments contained in the cells, produced by photosynthesis.
Other colors are obtained by extracellular molecules, such as polypeptides (chains of amino acids).

These pigments are used as antioxidants for the skin:
- Green pigments for chlorophyll.
- Brown pigments for carotenoids and phlorotannins.

They develop appropriate immune responses to attacks or sources of external stress that the skin endures (immersion, emersion, temperature variation and UV radiation).
Brown kelps send signals in the form of nutrient salts through similar channels to our blood vessels, as biologist researchers from the Roscoff station have discovered.

Other natural molecules are contained in the algae we use: vitamins, lipids, polyphenols, proteins, polysaccharides:
- Polysaccharides and alginates in brown algae (kelp) have a detoxifying and exfoliating effect.
- Beta hydroxy acids and glucorignic acid from Ulva Lactula have an antioxidant and radiance effect.
- Chlorella vulgaris combined with marine spring water and laminaria, works as a skin rebalancing agent.

For our purifying gel we used all these algae and oyster extract for its calming and soothing action, to which we added oyster shell powder, grinded to perfection to optimize mechanical exfoliation.

The edulis purifying gel, 99,5% natural origin, cleans and purifies the skin thanks to the active ingredients from the see found in all these algae.

Oyster shell powder provides a light exfoliation action, while promoting the balance of the skin microbiota.

Billions of bacteria live on and in our skin, it is an ecosystem that protects it and helps the skin defense itself against pathogens. It is called the skin microbiota. This biofilm is constantly renewed but can be altered by stress, pollution or attacked by use of soaps or antibacterial washing products, which will leave a basic pH on the skin. This microbial flora is complex and varies from one individual to another. However, it must be protected, because if it disappears, it risks being replaced by pathogens.

Gently cleansed and rid of impurities, the skin is softer, energized and more radiant after cleansing with edulis purifying gel.




Revives and brightens the skin


Firms the epidermis and nourishes skin all day long


Repairs the skin barrier and allows skin to regain its integrity


Removes impurities and acts as a light exfoliant


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