The legend of edulis

Ostrea Edulis, a flat, wild oyster from Arcachon Bay, was first venerated by the Ancient Romans for its many therapeutic virtues.

Since the 19th Century, Cap Ferret has been best known for its cool and healing sea waters, luring Oyster farmers, including my great-grandfather, to settle here for the promise of a healthy life. 

Situated on a peninsula that lies between the powerful ocean and natural underground springs, Cap Ferret was born from sand and seaweed, forming the perfect backdrop for edulis.

For generations, from beach huts along the water’s edge, my family has made their living from oysters. With that comes great respect for everything that comes from the sea. As a little girl, I used to join my dad on his boat to help harvest the oysters. He already knew how beneficial they were. 

My mother, who loves science, and my father, who loves the sea, combined their passion and knowledge to create this environmentally respectful skincare line. Their dream became a reality when we were awarded an international patent. 

For me, edulis is the essence of our peninsula’s magic – it's a beautiful and protected secret that allows us to bring purity and integrity to our products.

We were inspired to create a skincare line infused with the fragrances, sensations and happiness of Cap Ferret. My mother and I use it daily to keep our skin feeling fresh and radiant. Now we want to share it with you.

Alexia, daughter of Philippe Réveleau (oyster farmer and co-founder of edulis)




Revives and brightens the skin


Firms the epidermis and nourishes skin all day long


Repairs the skin barrier and allows skin to regain its integrity


Removes impurities and acts as a light exfoliant


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