About us

edulis was founded in 2021 by three childhood friends from Cap Ferret.

Philippe Réveleau (co-founder) - Based in Cap Ferret

Coming from a family of oyster farmers for six generations, it was only natural that Philippe Réveleau took over the family business. He is very passionate about his job and wanted to explore the idea of exploiting the oysters differently with his two friends and that’s how edulis was born.

Jean Julien Baronnet (co-founder) - Based in Los Angeles

Jean Julien Baronnet spent his entire youth in Cap Ferret. He is passionate about the Arcachon Basin and the sea. He was the President of the Rhodia group (formerly Rhone Poulenc) where he created and managed the group's cosmetics business. To him, edulis is above all an adventure combining friendship and his passion for Cap Ferret.

François Canac (co-founder) - Based in Brittany
François Canac is a cosmetologist and chemical engineer. He learned the skills of his profession at Yves Rocher with Paul Tisnès that he then developed and passed on to the students of ISIPCA (Institut supérieur international du Parfum et de la Cosmétique). Teaming up with his two friends in the creation of edulis allows him to imagine and develop new cosmetic concepts, using the full potential of the oyster in an innovating anti-age cosmetics line.

Mimo Havstad (Brand Director) - Based in Paris
Born and raised in Sweden, living in Paris since 2007. She started her career in communication as digital manager at Sandie Roy Paris (fashion and lifestyle PR agency) and then moved on to a more creative universe with be-poles design studio (now Ateliers Saint-Lazare) as image and brand manager, before joining the great adventure of edulis.




Revives and brightens the skin


Firms the epidermis and nourishes skin all day long


Repairs the skin barrier and allows skin to regain its integrity


Removes impurities and acts as a light exfoliant


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